Friday, August 17, 2012

The Other Grandpa

This handsome devil is my other Grandfather, George. He is four years younger than Grandpa Bates in my previous post. A spring chicken at 89.

On Tuesday, completely out of the blue he passed away while at home, sitting in his favourite chair. He wasn't unwell, or in any pain, and had his wife and daughter (my mum) with him.

He isn't the Grandparent we've been worrying about!

Grandad was a war hero. Although you would never hear him say that. He fought in world war two, came home and never spoke of it again. He never accepted his medals. It was a chapter of his life that he just didn't want to acknowledge and we had to respect that.

Grandad was an awesome dancer. He taught me to waltz, some of my fondest memories are of going to dances with my grandparents.

Grandad made the best cup of tea EVER. He passed on his love of a good pot of tea to me, and to Stephanie. I remember very early on feeling very special with my very own cup of tea brewed for me by Grandad.

Grandad was funny, gruff, sarcastic, witty, grumpy and kind. There were a lot of people who were a bit wary of Grandad, he was gruff, but he had a heart of gold, and he didn't scare me. Mum says right from when I was a toddler he would growl and grumble and I would just climb into his lap and that would be grumbling over!

On Tuesday Kym and I will fly to Queensland to say goodbye to Grandad. It's bittersweet. I will see family that I haven't seen in a long time, but saying goodbye will be hard. We were planning a big birthday this year when Grandad would have turned 90, and Steph 20 on the same day. It was only yesterday that we had a party for their 10th and 80th birthdays.

Dear Lord. Please be with Nana, and Mum and Dad as they prepare for the funeral and adjust to life without him around. Please be with all the family as we travel to and from Queensland. Amen

Monday, August 13, 2012


Poor Kym got a bit of a fright yesterday.

He decided it was a nice day to go fishing so went to our favourite beachside town where the boat is kept in Grandpa's backyard.

He knocked on Grandpa's door to say hello and got no response so went ahead and got the boat ready to take out. While doing that he heard a crash so went and found the spare key and let himself in to investigate. He found Grandpa passed out on the floor, eyes open, barely breathing and not responding to Kym at all.

So the fishing trip turned into an ambulance trip to hospital where Grandpa is resting now. He's really tired and just wants to sleep but they didn't find anything actually wrong with him.

Grandpa is fiercely independent, and very stubborn.At 93 he is living at home on his own, cooking for himself, and looking after himself. He even still drives (which scares the life out of me). We are going to have to revisit the "you shouldn't be living on your own" argument which we have had a few times now. But seriously, what would have happened if Kym didn't decide to go fishing yesterday morning? Doesn't bear thinking about.

Kym was a bit shaken up by the whole encounter. He thought Grandpa had died, and it really scared him. Didn't scare Grandpa at all though, he knows where he's going, and is well aware that his days on this earth are numbered.

But we aren't ready to let him go. Not yet.

Here is Grandpa on his 90th birthday 3 years ago. He's not just Grandpa, he's Great Grandpa to Steph and Scott, and Great Great Grandpa to my nephews little girl. In the background are photos of his great grandchildren (Steph on the left as a baby, then Steph and Scott). He is so loved and cherished, a wonderful, kind, softly spoken, God fearing man. Such an example to us all.

Dear Lord, thankyou for sending Kym to Grandpa's yesterday so that he was able to help him when he needed it. Please help the family do what is best for Grandpa, and not what is convenient for them, please be with him as he rests in hospital today and help him recover quickly. In your precious name. Amen.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Australian Coat of Arms...

The Australian Coat of Arms depicts a kangaroo and an emu.

Today the Australian Coat of Arms is not my friend...

Kangaroos are in plague proportions around our property at the moment. There is a lot of green about and that means happy kangaroos and very unhappy farmers. And drivers. VERY unhappy drivers.

I have one particularly unhappy driver in my house tonight. His beloved car is now sporting some rather fetching scratches all down one side, a damaged bumper, and a missing rearview mirror. The kangaroo is fine. He dodged that and went into the bushes. Sigh. I'm grateful he's ok. But it's a hassle. And he is one VERY unhappy camper at the moment....

Lord, thankyou for watching over Scott and keeping him safe. I know that cars are replaceable and lives are not. May he learn from his mistakes and take our sometimes dangerous country roads a little slower and more cautiously in the future. Thankyou for bringing him home in one piece. Amen.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if it is really too much to ask to have both my children happy, content and independent. I'm not saying I want them to be rocket scientists, or neurologists, or the prime minister. Just happy and independent! Seriously, is that so much to ask?

It would appear so. One of my children is happy and almost independent. The other is miserable and extremely dependent. He is skipping school (again), being sullen (still), and has been in a bad temper since 2009! I'm over it! We have tried punishment, encouragement, bribery, tantrums (from both of us), tears (mine), predictions of doom (you won't get a job, you will be living with your parents forever), and I'm all out of ideas.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at the school (again, soon I will get my own parking space). I'd really appreciate your prayer as we try to nut out where to from here.

Lord, please speak to Scott's heart and fill him with your love and power. Help him find direction and purpose and the will to follow the path that you choose for him. Help me with the right words at the right time. I place him in your hands Lord. Amen.