Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Impulsiveness of Youth!!

Yesterday Steph and her friend Maddy decided that today they would drive to Adelaide (6 hour drive) so that they can audition for X Factor (similar to Idol) tomorrow.

They tossed the idea around yesterday at lunch, and decided then and there that they were just going to go for it.

Ever practical Mum (that's me) pointed out that they are ridiculously under prepared. They need to have 4 songs rehearsed and ready. They said they could sort that out during the 6 hour car trip.

Their plan is to enter as a duet, but if they can't get their harmonies sorted on the way they would move to plan B and enter seperately. And that is as far as their planning has progressed.

Steph is under no illusion that they will get anywhere, but she assures me that they will look FABULOUS!

So please pray for these two gorgeous girls as they head off on their little adventure this afternoon, armed with CD's, chocolate, and their entire wardrobes! Also for their audition experience tomorrow. They are both talented singers, but have never embarked on anything like this before.

Lord, please watch over Steph and Maddy today as they drive to Adelaide. Keep them safe. Also please look out for them during their audition and help it to be a rewarding and positive experience for them.